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Avon Manufacturing has several Hazmat products, including our HazOne kit.  We have hose packs / multi-purpose bags in soft and rigid bottom, and even a staging cone cover to set up a staging area anywhere!  Our HazOne kit consists of one of our Hazmat staging mats, along with one of our Hazmat multi-purpose bags in either soft or rigid bottom.  Our Hazmat items are constructed of 18 oz. rip-stop vinyl, sturdy as they come!

Our Hazmat merchandise comes in standard purple color for easy visibility!

HAZMAT Utility Bag

H3533 - Avon Manufacturing - HAZMAT Utility Bag

Product Description

The HAZMAT Utility Bag holds tools, speedy dry, and other assorted products to take into the hot zone while working with hazardous materials.
The HAZMAT Utility Bag has rigid bottom with rails standard.
The HAZMAT Utility Bag is 33" long x 12" wide x 12" high.
The HAZMAT Utility Bag features:
     A side tool pocket
     A padded shoulder strap
     Detachable handles for two man carries.

Product Specifications

Material 18 oz. RipStop Vinyl
Length 33 Inches
Width 12 Inches
Height 12 Inches


1095 - Avon Manufacturing - THE HAZ MAT

Product Description

The HAZ MAT provides a large work area for your hazardous materials handling needs.
The HAZ MAT is great for staging equipment or for decontamination.
The HAZ MAT comes with a carrying strap for easy storage and transport.

The HAZ MAT is available in Purple and comes standard with "HAZMAT" lettering.

Product Specifications

Material 18 oz. RipStop Vinyl
Length 10 Feet
Width 6 Feet
Height 1/4 Inch


HAZONE - Avon Manufacturing - HAZMAT Kit

Product Description

The HAZMAT Kit includes:
     A "HAZ MAT" HAZMAT Staging Mat
     A HAZMAT Utility Bag

Product Specifications

  Staging Mat Utility Bag
Material 18 oz. RipStop Vinyl
Length 10 Feet 33 Inches
Width 6 Feet 12 Inches
Height 1/4 Inch 12 Inches