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Staging Mats We Have Solutions For All Your Staging Needs! Mat One 6' H x 10' W Three mats in one! Includes ribbed storage area for air cylinders, an area for hand and power tools, and space for rescue equipment and hooks. Easily fits a variety of tools, ropes, and EMS equipment. Each section is color-coded and labeled. Carry strap included. This versatile solution can also be expanded with additional sections to meet the needs of any operation. ITEM # 1078-3 RIT MAT 5' H x 10' W Our RIT MAT is made of blue RipStop vinyl and features three sections marked RESCUE. Provides ample room for your rescue equipment, including a pleated area for air cylinders. A great tool for all RIT, RIC and FAS teams. ITEM #1080 SCBA Air Bottle Mat – Green and Red 3’ H x 6’ W This convenient fold-up pleated mat holds up to 12 SCBA cylinders with color-coded sections. Red is clearly marked EMPTY and Green is clearly marked FULL. Our SCBA Air Bottle Mat will help you keep your gear organized and clean on any fire ground. ITEM #1070 605-286-3604 WWW.AVONMFG.COM 2
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